We make learning fun by integrating the word of God into our learning.

Our Classes & Sections

Our classes are in levels or stages of education with respect to the development of our pupils and students. We are very meticulous about out children’s growth rate.

At JNISSI Nursery and primary school, our respective levels of education are the Playgroup, the Kindergarten, Nursery and then the primary levels.

01. Play Group

Our Playgroup class is designed to teach pupils basic skills to build their confidence and to set the foundation for better learning and development. We mold and channel pupils’ growth through various activities like circle time, sand paper tracing of letters and numbers, water activities, colouring, Bible stories picture reading and practical life exercises. We have a fun, safe and suitable environment for all these activities.

02. Nursery 1

Nursery 1 is structured in a way that cuts across all learning styles of our pupils. We make use of different learning styles to teach the pupils. Some of our daily activities are picture reading, writing, counting, sand paper tracing, play dough activities, colouring, practical life, nature studies, news and conversation, playing musical instruments, public speaking, etc.
We generate different themes and activities for the term which cuts across the curriculum such as Circle Time, Character Day, Colour Day, Career Day, Pyjamas Day etc.

03. Primary Classes

Nursery 2 is a Montessori classroom designed to foster independence and exploratory learning. Our pupil leaders are given the freedom to work at their own pace. Our classroom is very lively, brightly decorated with posters of alphabets, numbers, animals and fruits to foster an exciting learning atmosphere.
We have multiple interactive spaces dedicated to numerous academic areas such as Sensorial Education, Practical life, News and Conversation, Numeracy and Literacy, Creative Art, Nature Study, CRS, Diction, Music, and ICT. Our leaders are encouraged to explore these areas in the order that most interests them. We focus heavily on social development and peer-to-peer interaction using audio and visual means. Our leaders learn to add and subtract using the math board, blending and sorting of colours to create new ones, spell, string basic words into simple sentences using the movable alphabets.
For healthy development, our leaders actively stimulate and interact with one another, they learn through play and they learn to make friends, share, imbibe the seven habits, take turns and role-play which is full of body activities that help develop physical and mental skills such as running, dancing, jumping etc.
We make learning fun by integrating the word of God into our learning.

04. Kindergarten

Kindergarten class is for age 4-5 pupils. It is a preparatory class to primary education. In this class, our curriculum is as follows: Numeracy, Literacy, Creative Art, Science, Music, Diction, Practical Life Exercise and Sensorial Education. The use of Montessori Method of teaching is offered in this class.
Our curriculum is of British Standard. Our leaders are trained to be independent in terms of copying from the board, reading, public speaking, etc. We inculcate the 7 habits in our teachings which make our leaders exceptional in all ramifications.
We also train our leaders with the mind of Christ, teaching them how to pray and read the Bible every day before any activity takes place for the day.

We out-perform statistically and we are ready for more





Other Protocols

01. Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is one of the media through which pupils and students explore the world of Science using these practical activities in a competitive way. Its vision is to increase K- 12 students and teachers participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). To make this a reality, its mission is to improve the quality of Science Education, increase male, female and minority interest in Science thereby creating a technological- literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by both students and teachers.
Through Science Olympiad, students, teachers, parents and corporate bodies bond together and work towards a shared goal. JNissi Nursery and Primary School is a participant of this laudable programme and has won the trophy twice first in 2015 and later in 2017. We also participated in the 2019 edition and qualified for the National Competition which is to host over fifteen states of the federation. This is yet to be held.
Science Olympiad in no small measure has exposed and improved our leaders in science; making them aware of the different branches of Science in their tender ages. It has created in them the spirit of team work, problem solving and collaboration. Science teachers have also benefitted from this programme because it has broadened our horizon in Science as field of study.

02. Graduation & Valedictory Service

JNissi Graduation and Valedictory Service is an annual event which comes up every July. It comes in four major activities.
a. The Graduation Ceremony
b. The Valedictory Service
c. The pupils’ luncheon
d. Parents Teachers Appreciation Dinner.
The JNissi graduation ceremony is an event that celebrates all pupils and awards the most outstanding ones. Pupils who do remarkable works are appreciated during the graduation ceremony and the most outstanding staff of the year is also awarded and celebrated. Long service awards are presented to staff that have spent five years, ten years, fifteen years, twenty years and more with the school.
The Valedictory Service is held in honour of the graduating class (Year 6 and Kindergarten). During this programme, the graduating class parents are invited to Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry Church where the pupils are presented with an enviable gift; The Holy Bible and prayed for before they are sent forth. The valedictorian is specially celebrated and gets a special award from the Chairman of the school.
The graduating class is treated to a lunch at Sheraton Hotel before they graduate while the parents and teachers are treated to a dinner as a way of showing appreciation for partnering with us and for the services rendered.