Welcome to our official Landing Page. We are glad to have you on board of this great vision of transformation of our children into exemplary leaders.

About Us

We are a co-educational faith based school with the vision of raising godly seeds for transformational leadership. We are dedicated to providing first class educational services to your children as they grow to become transformational leaders of their time. The school is founded on the love and fear of God. We are a ‘Leader in Me’ school that thrives on the seven habits of highly effective persons (Steven covey).


Relevant Growth

To build a ``Child - centred`` educational institution where they are fully equipped to make a difference in their world.


To deliver quality all round education to our learners in a highly competitive world


To develop strong and positive connections with students so they can achieve independence, build confidence, and gain academic knowledge.


We aim to develop well-rounded and thoughtful students prepared to cope with a changing post-modern and globalized world.

Social Skills

To teach our children social skills that will enable them to be themselves and live above societal/peer pressures.


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    Our vision is to raise Godly children with exceptional virtues to become exemplary leaders.


    To provide an excellent educational experience from a biblical worldview, so as to produce the next generation of well-rounded leaders.


    Godliness and leadership



    The following documentation is necessary for students applying to our school. All documents and fees must be received before a student can be considered for admission.


    Please submit the following:

    1. A completed and signed Application Form. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

    2. A completed Medical Form and copies of vaccination record.

    3. Academic Records:

    Primary School – Official report cards for the last completed school year (3 terms) and the current school year, if applicable.

    4. A Recommendation Letter sealed in the envelope provided. To be filled by the current Head teacher/Proprietor of the pupil/student.

    5. Two photos (passport size) with name of the student printed at back of photos.

    6. Photocopy of students and parents’ passport and visa.

    7. Payment of a non-refundable acceptance fee of =50,000…… is paid to acknowledge your acceptance of the admission and it forms part of the school fees. Acceptance fee is a non refundable fee because it is part of the admissions process.

    Once again, thank you for your kind co-operation in complying with the above to aid us in carrying out our administrative work more effectively.

    Other Admission Information

    Required Supplemental fees, Methods of payment, and other admission Information.