Pastor (Mrs.) Bukola Oladiyun







It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to JNissi Nursery and Primary School.

I have seen the vision grow from its little beginning as a crèche in 1994 to the happy school it is today. I believe that education is vital for nation building and critical in the development of genuine leaders. JNissi Nursery and Primary School is an institution set up to educate and develop leaders with Christian values who will transform our world.

At JNissi, we see the seed of leadership in every child and put all our efforts, with the help of God into nurturing it into greatness. A significant part of our programme is dedicated to inculcating Christian values and leadership skills in our pupils.

Our students get full support from teachers and work in an orderly and disciplined environment. They are given the necessary freedom required to fully express themselves in a dynamic environment.

The JNissi pupil is seen as a leader who is courteous, hard-working with sound morals and impeccable integrity. To achieve and maintain this requires continuous support from well-qualified teachers.

Our pupils are given wide opportunities to support their learning in the classroom. To this end we organise excursions and programmes, and we bring in visiting speakers whose expertise cover a range of interests.

Our pupils have excelled in every sphere of their learning and have given us reasons over and over to be proud of our work. We are convinced that you will be glad making a decision to join the JNissi family.

I look forward to meeting you and your child.


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